Hall of Nirvana

Sohtoshu Toukouji Temple

  • Project Data
  • Completion : 2011
  • Location : Saitama-city, Saitama Prefecture
  • Lighting Design : Lighting Planners Associates
  • Buddha Statue : Matsuhisa Sohrin Bussho
  • Architect : Takahashi Architects Studio
interior design
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Receiving a second commission from Sohtoshu Toukouji Temple, we engaged in the renovation of the chantry of Nirvana. The artistic ceiling, hand carved by a woodworker represents "a linden tree", which surrounded Buddha when he entered Nirvana. The plastered walls around the statue were beautifully hand polished and lacquered by craftsmen as well. Every detail was designed for visitors to spend time in an environment of quiet prayer beside Buddha.

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東光寺涅槃堂1 東光寺涅槃堂2 東光寺涅槃堂3 東光寺涅槃堂4 東光寺涅槃堂5 東光寺涅槃堂6 東光寺涅槃堂7 東光寺涅槃堂8 東光寺涅槃堂9 東光寺涅槃堂10 東光寺涅槃堂11 東光寺涅槃堂12